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Referral Level Commission Rate
Level 1 50%
Level 2 30%
Level 3 10%
Level 4 5%
Level 5 3%
Level 6 1%

Arbill supports multi-level commissions like gratitude to influential leaders and large team owners.

The commission will be able to have a different share with each project. This profit is calculated according to the deposit amount of Investors. The commission rate shown in the table is the profit for each level.

Example: The project has a commission share per contract of 5%. Investor decides to join with $1000. Thus, the F1 referrer will receive a total commission of $1000 * 5% * 50% = $25, F2 will receive: $1000 * 5% * 30% = $15... corresponding to remaining levels.

Commission will be paid for each interest payment to investors for term projects. For project with no term (principal is holding forever), the project owner will decide the number of times to pay the commission to the referrals